How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Monarch butterfly on an agapanthus stamen

There are many different types of butterflies you might be familiar with, like the Monarch and ladybird butterfly, but there are many more species that you might not know about.

Butterflies are quite a common sight around gardens, but most species struggle due to habitat loss and habitat destruction. Here are several simple tips you can take to help make your home, patio, or garden a little more welcoming to visiting butterflies and hopefully encourage them to return year after year.

Provide Food Sources

Butterflies are attracted to food sources. When you are looking to attract them to your garden or patio, it is best to plant flowers such as wild strawberries, daffodils, sunflowers, rambling rose, and hibiscus.

Butterflies love bright places, so if your yard is full of bright-colored flowers that will attract bees and other insects, it will attract butterflies too.

You may also want to consider planting plants that attract butterflies, such as sunflowers, hibiscus, honeysuckle, and lemon balm. Many butterflies are attracted to these types of plants, so planting them near the home will result in more butterflies visiting your home, making your garden or patio a lot more enjoyable.

Provide Protective Spaces

One important thing you want to do is create a space where butterflies can feed, but you also want to make a place where butterflies can hide when the food is not readily available. Many butterflies use trees, shrubs, bushes, or any objects that provide cover from view when food is not readily available.

Butterflies also like to hang out near objects that allow them to see their food source—one widespread area for butterflies to hang out in the eaves of your home. The easiest way to attract butterflies into your house or your patio is by putting some hanging baskets on the eaves. Butterflies enjoy having access to their food source in a place where they can easily reach it.

Provide Quiet Environment

Butterflies often feed in groups. You will need to carefully watch your pets, children, and people in the garden while attempting to attract these beautiful creatures. They will fly away quickly, especially when they become frightened.

Final Thoughts

Butterflies are beautiful flying insects that are very easy to attract to your garden. There is no reason why you should not be able to attract a multitude of butterflies to your garden.

Butterflies are attracted to the colors of your garden. This is why you should attract butterflies to your garden by using bright colors. Using these tips to attract butterflies to your garden, you will be graced with their presence in no time.

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