We all want to have a clean, safe home with all its accessories, appliances and fixtures in good working condition. Every person is always willing to do they can to ensure minimal repair costs and low monthly energy bills. However, just a small percentage of homeowners manage to achieve this. What makes the difference? Well, it’s all about taking care of your home and ensuring everything is working well. Regular maintenance of the different systems, parts and components of your home will help you avoid costly repair costs and prevent damage.

Home maintenance tasks can be involving and demanding but they are worth it. They offer many benefits hence the need to invest your time and resources in these tasks. Spring is a great time to accomplish all the maintenance tasks or repair work needed after the harsh winter weather is over. Here are some tips that will help you take care of your home in spring.

Clean all the gutters and Check for Roof Leaks

Water damage often results from poor drainage. It’s, therefore, important that you inspect your roof and replace any loose or leaky gutters.  Start by clearing debris and any dirt from your downspouts and gutters. You’ll also need to check your roof for possible leaks. Remember your roof serves a very crucial role of protecting everyone and everything in your home against external elements. You might not be able to detect roof problems hence the need to work with a professional. Also make sure the downspouts are well positioned. When inspecting your roof, look for signs of loose, missing, cracked, or warped tiles or shingles.

Service your home’s HVAC systems

You better act before the first heat wave arrives. Hire a professional to come and service your air conditioner before the hot summer days get to you. You might not like the experience of having a dysfunctional air conditioner in summer. It’s recommended to service your air conditioner at least once a year. This should be about four or six weeks before the summer season starts.

Check Seals around your Doors and Windows

First of all, make sure your window screens are clean. You may need to replace them if you’re having difficulty getting a clear view through the windows after thoroughly washing them. The cold winter weather usually affects window and door seals. They can either harden, start cracking or even loosen up. You should, therefore, inspect your doors and windows and check if there’s any damage. Make necessary repairs in spring. This is a great way of ensuring water doesn’t get to your home and keeping your summer cooling costs very low.

Clean your Siding

Regardless of the type of siding in your home, it’s time to clean and brighten the dingy siding. An effective and safe way of cleaning your siding is pressure washing. You might need to work with a cleaning expert to avoid causing damage to your siding. Once the siding is clean, it’s important that you inspect and see if there’s any damaged mortar or cracking. Get a professional to make the necessary repairs.

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